Author: Sophie Cloyd

  • The Bend, OR Yoga Guide: Studios, Tips, and Benefits

    Ablis CBD lemon water

    by Sophie Cloyd To be honest, I have not been inside a yoga studio since long before the pandemic started. However, yoga has resurfaced in my life again, and the timing could not be better after this whirlwind of a year! I think we could all use a nice deep breath and some toxin-releasing stretches […]

  • MCT Oil + CBD: A Power Couple

    MCT Oil + CBD: A Power Couple

    At Ablis, optimizing beverages to supplement an active lifestyle is what we are all about, so MCT oil was a natural fit for our line of products. So, what’s all this hype about MCT oil?  It’s just coconut oil, right?  MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. These “shorter chain” fatty acids are more beneficial than […]

  • Is CBD free shipping available? Travelling and Flying with CBD

    Traveling and Flying with CBD: Is CBD free shipping available?

    These are strange times we’re living in, and with people going out less than average, our online sales are going up and up.  With that, comes a lot of questions about whether it’s okay to ship CBD or not. So keep reading, because we’re going to answer that question, plus a few others! Is It […]