The Bend, OR Yoga Guide: Studios, Tips, and Benefits

by Sophie Cloyd

To be honest, I have not been inside a yoga studio since long before the pandemic started.

However, yoga has resurfaced in my life again, and the timing could not be better after this whirlwind of a year! I think we could all use a nice deep breath and some toxin-releasing stretches after 2020, am I right?

I originally found yoga back in college at the Oregon Community College here in Bend.

But when I moved to Eugene to attend the University of Oregon, I went on an electives-kick and decided to stack my schedule full of fitness courses. One of those courses was Vinyasa yoga, which I knew nothing about at the time, but I enrolled anyway.

I mistakenly took a boot camp class along with the yoga class in the same trimester. I wouldn’t recommend that! I got super toned that term, but it was painful.

Vinyasa Yoga was more about movement instead of just holding poses. To my understanding, vinyasa just means “a smooth transition between poses,” so it’s more of a constant flow.

We’d flow into a pose where you’re on your arms, then all of a sudden jump into 25 pushups. Every new pose seemed to shock my muscles into a challenging new stretch.

It could be super intense, but I was hooked!

Taking in what yoga is about, I started to realize it’s not like any other exercise. A lot of physical practices are competitive and feel like sports. But there’s no competition in yoga.

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, you’ve probably had a teacher tell you to “leave your ego at the door,” and it could not be more true.

It’s about working on yourself; not worrying about what other people in the room — or anywhere else — are doing. It’s about listening to the instructor, focusing on your breath, getting in tune with your body, and freeing you from your mind.

Benefits of Yoga

Of course, yoga can be a killer workout for even the most seasoned athletes, but it’s also extremely therapeutic and relaxing.

Breath is everything in yoga, regardless of the type, and there are many. The one thing every type of yoga has in common is an emphasis on the breath.

Deep, focused breathing not only helps with the circulation of blood, but it really clears your mind and gets you into a trance-like state where movement seems to become easier.

A regular yoga practice will also do wonders for your sleep. Implementing the breathing used in a yoga class is actually a great way to put yourself to sleep quickly.

Yoga is an efficient way to release toxins, so it has been said to ease hangovers.

I have also heard it can benefit digestion, eliminating constipation and bloating by increasing circulation.

This type of low-impact workout is easier on your joints and bones, which is why you’ll see people who do yoga continue practicing well into their twilight years.

Yoga improves flexibility, therefore making you less likely to get injured, it boosts metabolism, and is even good cardio, despite being low-impact.

Mentally, there’s no comparison.

If you’re having a bad day or you just get stuck in an anxiety-induced loop, yoga can help release stress and clear your mind; at least for the duration of the class.

My mind wanders a lot. That’s why I love savasana, or “corpse pose,” at the end of the class. It’s like meditation for me.

Outside of yoga, I don’t seem to have the patience or the mindset for meditation. But in a yoga practice, I feel like I can actually reach that quiet place in my mind. The process of focusing on the breath with your body seems to make the outside world disappear.

It’s amazing what yoga can do for somebody’s mind that doesn’t seem to ever shut off.

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Yoga in Bend, Oregon

Bend has some amazing yoga studios here in town. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites and a few I’m dying to check out after the pandemic, as well as a few studios that are offering virtual classes.

For in-studio and virtual classes, one of my favorites studios is The Yoga Lab Bend. If you’re looking for outdoor classes, Wild Thing Yoga is the place for you. Classes are temporarily canceled due to COVID-19; check online for more information.

If you’re looking for a one-on-one session or something special for you and some friends (yoga party, anyone?) Yoga Indigo offers customized classes and will come to the location of your choice. I also recommend Groove Yoga who holds classes every day and steams all of them.

For fans of hot yoga, Naji’s Yoga lets you try a month of unlimited classes for just $30. Or, if you’re looking for online classes to do from home try Namaspa Yoga Community or Bend Hot Yoga.

Bend Beer Yoga is a cool traveling event that includes yoga AND beer. What more could you want? Not a fan of beer? Don’t worry, they have cider, wine, and cocktails too. They are not posting events currently due to COVID-19, but hopefully, they will be able to operate safely soon.

My absolute favorite studio is Sunny Yoga Kitchen. They serve up healthy dishes and host yoga classes (online for now). I hear the Burmese pork bowl with avocado is great, and you can’t go wrong with their house-made juices. You can even get Ablis beverages there!

My Essentials

Definitely bring your own mat! You can’t be too careful nowadays.

I personally need the Spotify playlist called Vinyasa YogaIt’s uplifting and very, very soothing. I can’t workout without music and it helps me get even deeper into that blissful state of thoughtlessness.

I like to eat beforehand, but apparently, that is not a popular opinion. I’m sure most would recommend something like a light snack, but I usually eat well before I do yoga, or else I get lightheaded. So, I’m usually well-fed and well-hydrated pre-yoga.

Speaking of hydrated, I can’t fully chill out without my Ablis CBD sparkling water and the CBD muscle rub for my after-workout routine. The muscle rub is heaven-sent after an intense class!

Get a buddy! It is so much easier to be consistent and stick to a schedule with a friend.

Create a space for your practice. If you have a section in your house that you can set up where you know you won’t be interrupted, set it up so you’re ready to go.

Make it as easy as possible for you to get excited about!

Better With Friends

My good friend lives about ten blocks up the road, so I’ll drive over there for our weekly yoga meetup.

In the beginning, we were following a DVD yoga practice somewhat regularly. I think 2020 has been really difficult for everyone, so it’s kind of turned into a wine-and-karaoke night while dressed for yoga.

Don’t take it too seriously! The heart wants what it wants.

I’m practicing on my own once a week currently, but my goal is to get up to two to three times a week. As I said, it’s been a hard year, so I haven’t been too rigid with myself.

Self-care isn’t something that should stress you out, and that’s what yoga is at its core. It definitely helps me navigate home life and kids a little more easily. Plus, yoga is something that is just for me, and I don’t get a ton of that as a mom of two little ones.

Making time for yourself is a big part of overall wellness. If you can create a little community out of it, all the better!

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CBD Education Recipes

MCT Oil + CBD: A Power Couple

At Ablis, optimizing beverages to supplement an active lifestyle is what we are all about, so MCT oil was a natural fit for our line of products.

So, what’s all this hype about MCT oil? 

It’s just coconut oil, right? 

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. These “shorter chain” fatty acids are more beneficial than coconut oil in its basic form because they are digested differently. This is achieved by a refining process that isolates the MCTs in MCT oil. 

Your body uses them primarily to burn fat and aid in brain function by targeting immune responses, which affects pretty much every aspect of your health. 

Benefits of MCT Oil

You may have heard about the Keto diet that has gained popularity over the last couple of years. That’s because MCT oil promotes the production of ketones in the body, which are what burns fats efficiently, curbs appetite, and gives you that little boost. 

Although the ketogenic diet is what made MCT oil famous for its fat-burning properties and ability to curb cravings, I was a lot more interested in what it could do for my gut health and cognitive function if I were to use it for bulletproof coffee. Maybe this will give me that extra boost of energy in the morning! 

MCT Oil and CBD

We put CBD in EVERYTHING. And why wouldn’t we? It’s pretty great! 

By combining CBD isolate with MCT oil, you can enjoy a healthy dose of essential fatty acids with the balance and calming effects of CBD. 

We have two MCT oil products in our essential line:

The bigger, eight-ounce bottle has 500 milligrams in the whole bottle and is great to add to your skincare routine.

We also just came out with a smaller MCT concentrate. It’s an MCT oil with 2000 milligrams of CBD in an ounce. This one is good for bulletproof coffee recipes if you want to add more CBD. 

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A Few Ways to Use MCT Oil 

After I jumped on the bulletproof coffee train (I, too, can be trendy), I realized this was not my favorite way to use Ablis MCT oil (even though I was excited to see how it would help with gut health and cognitive function). As a mom of two young children, I could never really enjoy this process since I was reheating my cup in the microwave 5 times an hour. 

I realized my routines work best at night and that I have many favorite uses for the MCT oil outside the beloved bulletproof coffee (but keep reading for bulletproof tips). 

1. Skincare

I use the MCT oil mostly for spa days (which can be every evening once the kids are asleep). I love having a skincare routine and adding CBD to it is so much easier. 

  • It’s an amazing moisturizer after a shower. (If I’m in a pinch, I’ve even used it as a shaving cream substitute. Because it’s so slick, it works great with your razor.)
  • I like to put it in face serums to hydrate your skin and keep it feeling soft.  
  • Bath bombs are another favorite of mine. They are super easy to make and are perfect gifts for the holidays. (See my favorite recipe below.)
  • For foot soaks, I like to use Epsom salt with a mixture of essential oils dispersed in the MCT oil. It’s an efficient “carrier oil” for essential oils so it blends with them seamlessly. 

NOTE: I recommend looking into dilution ratios when combining essential oils to any carrier oil (for they can be added to the MCT oil in the above skincare hacks). Essential oils can cause skin irritations if not diluted properly. I am not an aromatherapist so please consult one with questions (I recommend for EO safety resources). 

2. Oil Pulling

If you’re new to oil pulling, you’re not alone, but it’s certainly not new! It is an ancient technique flushing the teeth and mouth of bacteria (bacteria that can be harmful to gut health) with coconut oil. 

“Pulling toxins” with MCT oil a couple of times a week (still brush your teeth everyone!) is easy and can be done anytime during the day. 

Whether it truly works or not, I honestly do not know (but I hear coconut oil is a natural antibiotic). But, I do love the clean feeling afterward!  

  • Take a tablespoon of Ablis MCT oil and swish for about 5-10 minutes, then discard (use toilet, not bathroom sinks for oil can build up). Repeat 2-3 times per week.

3. Baking 

During the holidays, I love to bake with my friends. Adding MCT oil to your recipe makes for super fluffy, highly delicious baked goods! 

So far, we have made muffins, banana bread, and cookies with MCT oil/coconut oil. The banana bread was my favorite! A couple of things to note:

  • I exchange the oil recommendations in recipes with MCT oil (8oz 500 mg). Take how much vegetable oil the recipe requires and swap it out for the same amount of MCT oil. 
  • If you would like to add a little more CBD to your baking, you can grab the MCT oil concentrate (with 2000 milligrams) to add to the oil that is recommended (whether in the original recipe or if you have already swapped it out with the MCT oil). 
  • You can’t go wrong with this oil, but you can go wrong in many other ways when baking. Start with easy recipes and work your way up! 
  • Cooking in general! Oh, the possibilities… (So far, I’ve found you can’t go wrong using it in a stir fry).

4. Bulletproof Coffee

How do I describe this drink? It’s a blended mixture of coffee, ghee (clarified butter), and MCT oil. Using the blender (frother wand) creates this incredible, creamy consistency that is not only a big energy boost, it’s also super filling. This drink has many possibilities!  

I personally do not need to eat less or fast in a day. It just doesn’t fit into my lifestyle. Also, the maintenance it requires is not ideal with my own schedule, but for others reading, here are my tips when it comes to bulletproof coffee (and how to actually enjoy it):

  • Ablis MCT oil concentrate is what I would recommend for bulletproof coffee single cup recipes. It doesn’t take much MCT oil when adding to your cup (it’s 2000mg of CBD in 1floz).
  • Look into a frother wand!!! Genius, I tell you! 
  • My go-to recipe is .5 teaspoon of ghee and .5 teaspoon of MCT oil in 4 oz of coffee. You can also add almond milk and sweetener (I used stevia). 
  • Even if you drink more than 4 oz of coffee, do not ingest more than one teaspoon of MCT oil a day. While MCT is good, too much too fast can be distressing inside your body, always introduce something new to your body gradually. 
  • Got a sweet tooth? Look into adding cocoa powder (I hear there are keto chocolate syrups out there). 
  • Make sure you have time to sit and enjoy it while it’s hot! 

There are so many ways to use Ablis MCT oil. Whether it’s to start the day with a bulletproof coffee or to end it with a refreshing soak, MCT oil with CBD is the power couple we didn’t know we needed in our daily routines. 

I have created some DIY recipes that I’m excited to share with you! I hope you’ll give them a try and enjoy it! Cheers!

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Favorite DIY Recipes

Bath bomb


1 cup baking soda

1/2 cup Epsom salt

1/2 cream of tartar (for sensitive skin)

1/4 cup cornstarch

2oz Ablis 8oz MCT oil (500mg per bottle)

1 tablespoon vitamin E

Essential oils

For essential oils, I use 6 drops tangerine, 6 drops grapefruit, 6 drops cypress, 10 drops frankincense. I recommend doing research for dilution as well as sensitivities before using essential oils.


  1. Mix dry ingredients and introduce oils (blended together) very slowly. You don’t want to create a fizzing mixture. 
  2. Pour and mix until the consistency visibly binds.

Face serum


1 tablespoon rosehip

1oz Ablis 8oz MCT oil (500mg per bottle)

.5oz sweet almond oil

5 drops grapefruit

4 drops frankincense

3 drops cypress


  1. Mix together and apply to the skin.

Stretch mark cream


1 bottle of Ablis 8oz MCT oil (500g)

2 tablespoons of vitamin E

15 drops lavender oil

15 drops frankincense oil


  1. Mix together and apply to the skin.


*The statements above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


CBD Education

Is CBD free shipping available? Travelling and Flying with CBD

These are strange times we’re living in, and with people going out less than average, our online sales are going up and up. 

With that, comes a lot of questions about whether it’s okay to ship CBD or not. So keep reading, because we’re going to answer that question, plus a few others!

Is It Legal To Ship CBD?

I’m usually a behind-the-scenes person at Ablis. I handle our accounting and a lot of logistics, including shipping! 

Lately, I’ve been getting A LOT of questions from customers about whether they can legally ship CBD, whether it’s ordering online from our website or sending products to a friend or loved one. 

Well, I have good news for you! You can send and receive CBD via mail, whether through USPS or a private carrier like UPS or FedEx.

As a reminder, CBD is legal at the federal level, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. So shipping it domestically is not an issue. But, because CBD markets vary from state to state and the lingering stigma around CBD and cannabis, it’s easy to understand why there is so much confusion. 

There are two things to keep in mind when it comes to shipping CBD:

1. Make Sure You Know the Legal Definition of CBD. 

CBD comes from the Cannabis plant, which includes both hemp and marijuana. From a legal standpoint, the big difference is that hemp cannot contain more than .03%THC. Anything over that limit is considered marijuana, which is still illegal at the federal level. 

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So, the big takeaway here is to make sure that you’re choosing CBD products derived from hemp, such as Ablis. Then you can have the peace of mind that you’re playing by all the rules. 

2. Keep in Mind That CBD Has Been Banned in a Few States.

There are a handful of states that aren’t CBD-friendly. Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota have bans on hemp-sourced CBD, which means you won’t find people growing hemp or producing CBD products locally. The laws don’t address shipping specifically, so we recommend reaching out to a state representative for more information.

What About Flying With CBD? Is That OK?

Not many people are flying these days unless they really have to. But, if you’re one of those people and use CBD regularly, it’s super important to be able to bring it with you when traveling. 

Guess what? There’s more good news! Yes, you can fly domestically with CBD. 

You may have heard the horror story of a 71-year-old woman arrested in Dallas in 2019 for having CBD oil, but don’t let that scare you. After that incident, TSA updated its CBD guidelines to reflect the law. 

Like I said in the section above because CBD is federally legal, it’s OK to take it on a plane, either in a carry-on or in checked luggage. 

Many people get freaked out about taking their CBD through TSA, so here are a few tips for making it through security:

  • Follow TSA’s liquid guidelines: You’re allowed to bring a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes in your carry-on bag, but each container must be 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less.
  • Choose professionally packaged products: Choose CBD products that won’t raise any red flags. For example, our topicals and concentrates look like typical toiletries, so they’re good travel choices. But bringing something like a vape pen filled with CBD oil or hemp flower might alarm a TSA agent who doesn’t know that CBD and THC are two different things. 
  • Be confident: You know you’re not doing anything illegal, so be confident when going through security. Sometimes nervousness and uncertainty can raise suspicion, even when you’re following all the rules. Attitude is everything!
  • Shipping is an alternative: If you’re still really nervous about flying with CBD, try shipping your products to your destination ahead of time. It may cost a few extra bucks, but it will reduce the stress of traveling. 

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What About Crossing International Borders?

I’m going to keep this short and to the point. This one is a big no-no. I want to say that right off the bat. 

International travel is pretty restricted right now, but if you are planning to cross an international border by plane or car, you will need to go through a customs check. 

Even though CBD is legal in many other countries, you shouldn’t transport it from country to country. 

For example, CBD is legal in Canada; it’s illegal to bring it across the border without authorities’ permission. On the other hand, Mexico does allow travelers to carry CBD with them into the country, but we still don’t recommend doing that. 

Taking CBD through an international checkpoint is not worth the risk. If something does happen, you’ll be left in the hands of a foreign government, and things could get messy. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Bottom line: Don’t do it. 

Do you have more questions about shipping CBD or traveling with it? Fire away! Let us know how we can help.