CBD and mountain biking: Kyle Jameson shares his CBD story

CBD and mountain biking: Kyle Jameson shares his CBD story

Mountain biking is my passion and my livelihood. But as I get older, I have to put more effort into recovering from a day out on the trail. 

My CBD wellness routine has become instrumental as I continue with this awesome sport, and here is why:

My Biking Career

Before we get into my CBD routine, I want to tell you a little bit about my biking career. 

Growing up outside of Sacramento, California, my first mountain biking experience was in Lake Tahoe when I was sixteen years old. A friend of mine and his dad rented some bikes and had me come along. I remember just loving going through the forest as fast as I possibly could. 

From that day on, I was pretty much hooked.

I stuck with the sport and competed in some pretty high-level competitions, like the Rampage qualifiers in 2014 and 2015 and FEST Series events, where I have taken home a few awards. For me, just getting through those courses in one piece was a huge victory, but it was also pretty fun to get to showcase my riding abilities. 

Nowadays, I think of myself as an ambassador for the sport and the lifestyle that comes with it. 

While I no longer compete, I’m still super involved in mountain biking. I have coached kids at all skill levels, from basics to backflips, and I own a company that builds mountain biking trails in Bend, Oregon. I also ride as much as I can and share my passion with others by making videos for outdoor media outlets and gear companies, where you can see me freeriding all over the country. You can also catch me having a blast on Instagram.

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There is fun around every corner, and mountain biking is all about how you interpret the land, evolve your skills, and remain ready for anything.

My CBD Wellness Lineup

It goes without saying that mountain biking is an intense sport, and with any extreme sport comes a high risk for injury. As I get older, I find myself dealing with way more aches and pains than I used to.

I have used many different products, from traditional pharmaceuticals to plant-based remedies. But I switched over entirely to CBD a few years back. 

As the cannabis industry evolved, I realized that there was a lot more to it than just getting high using THC. I started learning about other beneficial compounds from the cannabis plant that could help me stay active, and CBD seemed worth a shot. I got interested in all forms of CBD like oils, topicals, and beverages. 

I no longer use the traditional over the counter treatments that I grew up with because I have had so much success with CBD. In fact, my whole family now uses CBD daily. It is just a part of our regular routine. For me personally,  I keep a muscle rub and concentrate with me at all times, and I keep a bunch of drinks with me as well. 

I believe firmly that if it comes from the ground, it is probably better for you than something from a lab, which is one of my reasons I partner with Ablis. Ablis is a CBD brand that’s committed to using pure, natural ingredients and transparent sourcing.

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CBD Is Catching On 

I am not the only athlete using CBD as part of their training routine. More and more, I see CBD catching on in the mountain biking community and beyond.

I’ve seen a lot of professional athletes from all sports, from the National Football League to skateboarding and soccer, start to speak up about concerns surrounding synthetic drugs that can cause problems like addiction. Furthermore, these athletes have urged our government to fund more clinical testing and research about CBD’s benefits.

All of that is having a significant ripple effect in our society. In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its list of banned substances– a big win!

With the stigma around cannabis starting to fade, people are beginning to realize that CBD is not this crazy harmful drug. With all of the advances and publicity that CBD is getting, I see it as a positive trend continuing far into the future.

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