Reach for This CBD Muscle Rub All Winter Long

CBD Muscle Rub


When you play hard, sometimes your body takes a beating. But that’s no reason to stop doing the things you love. So whether you’ve leveled up with a new PR at the rock gym this week or you’re out crushing it on the slopes, we supply what you need to keep the stoke alive. Introducing your new best friend: CBD muscle rub. 

Staying in Shape For Winter Sports

Support your body through all the twists and turns of your favorite winter sports and activities with CBD. We know how even the most adventurous of activities can take a toll on our knees, ankles, and more, especially with those old injuries or sore spots. 

Think of this muscle rub as your new adventure companion. It contains calming ingredients that keep you fresh and on your toes for the next big adventure. We love using it on recovery days or after a long day of outdoor play. Relax your discomforts and get back in winter sport shape with CBD muscle rub.

Designed For The Gym Bag or Mid-Mountain: CBD Muscle Rub Squeeze Packs

The unique part about our muscle rub is how it’s packable for adventures! The convenience of a squeezable, single-use pack to stash in your fanny pack, gear bag, or even your pocket speaks for itself. And did we mention it smells fantastic? So bring it to a massage appointment for that extra dose of zen, or snag a set of squeeze packs for your friends to share the love during apres-ski at the lodge. 

CBD Muscle Rub Powered By Botanicals

Our muscle rub is crafted with botanicals including eucalyptus, ginger, grapefruit, black pepper, and other ingredients. This is a far cry from the Icy-Hot you slathered on aches and pains in the old days! It contains 23 essential oils and CBD derived only from hemp, not marijuana. No THC, GMOs, or artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners, so there’s nothing fake about it!  

Aloe vera-based gel ensures your post-workout self-care ritual is smooth and cooling, never sticky. We recommend using it directly after a hot shower post-mountain or as you stretch out on your yoga mat.

Take Extra-Good Care Of Your Body This Winter 

Since falling in the snow one too many times isn’t always a soft landing, consider CBD muscle rub as just another part of keeping your body in top shape this winter. Stay prepared for all of your favorite adventures whether that’s snowshoeing, earning your turns in the backcountry, or hitting the groomed trails. Use this muscle rub as many times as you need to stay outside doing what you love best! 

Stay Stoked on CBD Muscle Rub and Go With Ablis.

Not all CBD muscle rub is made equally. Ours is primed for a take-along adventure and made by athletes, for athletes.  Don’t go adventuring without a plan to take supremely good care of your muscles. Try all our other fun and adventure-worthy products, including MCT oil and CBD shots