Is Sparkling Water Bad or Good for You?

Is Sparkling Water Bad or Good for You?

The cautionary headlines are everywhere – is sparkling water good for you? Bad for you? Should we be worried that this millennial fave is killing us all? 

I’m kidding. It’s truly not that serious. 

Allow me to explain some of the fear and ease any anxiety you have about your favorite fizzy drinks. 

The Myths About Sparkling Water 

Acidity is a term that seems to freak people out.

Most of the claims about sparkling water have to do with conditions surrounding acidity and the damage it can potentially cause.

These issues include bone density loss, tooth decay, and heart health concerns (i.e. inflammation and plaque build-up on the arteries). Pretty serious stuff!

After many clinical studies and research, basically all of these myths have been debunked. 

The issue was that early studies were basing these claims on carbonated sodas. As it turns out, sugar combined with carbonation was the real culprit for enamel erosion, bone loss, and inflammation issues. 

Once the CO2 was separated from the sugar, (most likely excessive) additives, and preservatives, it was quickly realized that carbonation is actually not the bad kind of acidic. 

Simply put, the touch of acidity is what gives carbonated beverages like sparkling water that satisfying bite in every sip. Although it is slightly acidic with a pH of between 3 and 4, drinking carbonated water doesn’t affect the alkaline levels in your body at all.  

Many believe that, because of the acidity, sparkling water is less hydrating than flat water. But with stable alkaline levels and healthy water retention shown in several studies conducted on the subject, we now know this to be incorrect information. 

Simply put, sparkling water is just as hydrating as flat water and has not been proven to cause tooth decay, bone density loss, or heart issues.

So, Are There Any Benefits? 

A few, potentially! 

Sparkling water is said to activate and strengthen the muscles in the throat used to swallow. Fun fact, both mustard and sparkling water stimulate the nerve endings which have been known to decrease that need to persistently clear your throat. 

It has also been reported to settle upset stomachs, ease indigestion, and help with constipation. 

The bubbles have been reported to give a sense of fullness that flat water simply can’t, and is said to aid in weight management by keeping you fuller longer and prevent excessive snacking.

However, some have reported uncomfortable bloating.

We’re all different, folks. Experiences may vary!

One controlled study showed a decrease in bad cholesterol and an increase in good cholesterol after consuming sparkling water. That same study also showed a decrease in inflammation and blood sugar levels. 

Some research in animals has led scientists to believe that carbonated water could potentially improve bone health, with very little evidence to the contrary. In one study, hens showed signs of stronger leg bones after carbonated water was added to their diet.

More research and clinical studies are needed to determine if these benefits are truly benefits, but the data so far is pretty compelling. 

So, what exactly is sparkling water? 

In short, it is pressurized carbon dioxide that has been forced into cold, flat water, creating a magical bubbly consistency. 

Bottom line, it’s carbonated water. 

Sparkling, Soda, Club, Fizzy, Seltzer … is There a Difference? 

Yes and no. 

They’re all just different forms of carbonated water with some variation in mineral content.

This is dependent on where the water was sourced, if it is distilled, and if mineral compounds (like sodium or sulfur) are added for taste.  

Distilled water typically removes a lot of that natural mineral content (the ones we, at Ablis, try to keep in our beverages). 

Mineral profiles will vary between the different types, but overall these beverages are in the same family. 

Are all sparkling waters created equally?

Nope! Like most things, some are going to be better than others.

Some sparkling water beverages contain added sodium, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. 

Like I said earlier, distilled waters are stripped of a lot of those minerals that make sparkling water better (in my humble opinion).

With Ablis, you get nothing but the super hydrating benefits of traditional – not distilled – sparkling water with natural flavors and, of course, CBD. 

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What Sets Ablis Apart from the Rest? 

We use the bare minimum for maximum taste. 

Ablis is lucky enough to have access to one of the most exceptional water sources in Oregon at our doorstep. 

Using a local source is beneficial to us in many ways, but you can’t beat the quality and taste. 

It also allows us to keep our business entirely local, which is something that has been important to Ablis since its infancy.

Our water is not distilled, so it stays true to its glorious, original form. 

Not to mention, our beverages are infused with high quality, hemp derived CBD, so they’re instantly cooler than most.  

Our flavors have been carefully chosen by yours truly, using all natural essences and very little added sugar (if any). We offer some pretty unique flavors in comparison to most sparkling water brands, such as Cranberry Blood Orange and Strawberry Mojito

We pride ourselves on promoting an active, outdoor lifestyle. We don’t put any ingredients in our products that will slow you down. Just the opposite, in fact. 

Ablis beverages offer a super-hydrating sparkling water experience and are a delicious way to add CBD to your lifestyle.

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What’s the Verdict? 

There is still a lot to be learned about sparkling water and its effects on your body. 

However, to make any of these negative health claims even remotely true, one would have to really stretch the facts. With the existing studies, it’s clear these claims have no basis in reality. 

My advice? Just try it and see how you feel! 

Bloated and burpy? Not for you. Thirst quenched and taste buds happy? It’s the one!

Never fear. You’re not damaging your heart, your teeth, your bones, your pH level, or your cholesterol.

You’re just drinking harmless, little bubbles.