How I Stay Active With CBD

How I Stay Active With CBD

Staying active is a big part of how we do things at Ablis, whether it’s group activities or solo adventure. And each of us has our own favorite activities that help us stay healthy… and sane. 

Our CBD product lines were designed with an active lifestyle in mind. We know from both personal experience and hearing from our customers that for a CBD product to work, it has to integrate seamlessly into someone’s lifestyle. 

So I want to share my own personal experience using Ablis to maintain a healthy, balanced life. 

Understanding CBD

Sometimes when I start talking to people about how CBD can fit into an active lifestyle, they seem pretty puzzled. And I think that’s because of the confusion around CBD and THC. So before I start talking about my own personal experience using CBD daily, let’s clear that up first.

Unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating, meaning it won’t cause any of the sensations associated with a high that you get from marijuana, such as grogginess, giggles, or paranoia. I think we can agree that any of those sensations would make it hard to stay active!

Many misunderstandings about CBD come from its connection to marijuana.

CBD and THC are naturally occurring chemicals called “cannabinoids” that come from plants in the Cannabis genus, including marijuana and hemp. The significant difference between marijuana and hemp is that marijuana contains THC, and hemp does not.

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At Ablis, we use CBD isolate from hemp. So you won’t find trace elements of THC or any other cannabinoids in our products.

Using CBD To Support My Diet

In my experience, CBD is an excellent addition to an active lifestyle with the right set of products. 

My most recent lifestyle challenge has been figuring out how to get back into the Ketogenic diet. It’s something that worked for me in the past, but it does take some adjustment and planning. 

Keto seems pretty popular now, but if you don’t know exactly what it is, here’s a quick explanation: Keto is a low-carb, high-fat diet that has helped many people lose weight or get back into shape. And I was amazed by the energy it gave me. 

Right now, I’m preparing to start Keto again as we head into summer. So for me, this is the perfect opportunity to use Ablis’ Classic MCT Oil. It’s pretty much flavorless and can be added to whatever you want. I love incorporating it into smoothies, bulletproof coffee, and salad dressings.

“MCT” stands for medium-chain triglyceride, a type of fat molecule that can be more easily processed by our bodies. So it’s perfect for Keto, or simply getting more healthy fats into your diet. 

Enhancing Exercise With CBD

I also use CBD before, during, and after exercise. 

When it comes to staying active, my go-to is rock climbing. Living in Central Oregon, I am blessed to be surrounded by awesome outdoor climbing spots, and an awesome local climbing gym to boot.

I used to climb trees a lot as a kid, and rock climbing gives me that same feeling of conquering nature and earning a new perspective. Plus, if you’ve ever done rock climbing either outside or indoors, you know it’s a killer workout. 

There are two Ablis products that I use at the rock gym. I like to take a little bit of our Classic Peppermint Concentrate before climbing. This product is a blend of organic avocado oil, hemp-derived CBD, and peppermint oil. It’s super refreshing and portable. And since I use this product before a workout, I like to call it a “pre-covery” supplement. 

And after I’m worn out from climbing, our Classic Muscle Rub is a must. 

This thing lives in my gym bag because it helps me recover from pushing myself to avoid injury. After a good climb, my forearms hurt from just grasping so tightly with my fingers, so this product helps me release some of that tension. It’s aloe vera-based gel packed with 23 essential oils, and you’ll feel a warming and cooling effect on the skin. And it doesn’t leave a tacky residue.

I have always loved staying active, and as I get older, I see the benefits of supporting my activities with CBD. 

Relaxing With CBD

I know we’re focused on using CBD to stay active, but for me, taking time to relax and indulge is equally important. 

We make all our products easy to use on the go, but we still encourage everyone to slow down once in a while. Living in a go-go-go culture, we often forget to bring balance into our lives. 

Since Ablis grew out of Crater Lake Spirits, we know how to craft a high-quality beverage for kicking back and relaxing around a campfire, floating down a river, or sitting on your front porch and watching the sun go down. 

Our bold flavors, Strawberry Mojito, Lemon Ginger, and Cranberry Blood Orange, are excellent on their own, but they also make perfect cocktail mixers if you want to a little something extra.  

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And if you’re calorie-conscious, or on a diet that is sugar restrictive, you can always try one of our zero-calorie options: Lemon Water and Blood Orange Water.  These still contain 25 mg of CBD and plenty of bubbles, but the flavors are lighter and contain zero sweeteners. 

As we’ve rolled out new Ablis flavors, we’ve found that having a healthy way to celebrate after a long hike or just rewarding yourself after a long day running around after your kiddos is necessary. So you can keep doing what you do every day. 

Do you use CBD to stay active? Tell us about your routine in the comments below!