Jim Bendis

Jim Bendis headshot

Jim co-founded Ablis with his son Max in 2014, where he was able to bring his passion for craft beverages together with his son’s passion for functional ingredients. Jim has been known as a pioneer in the craft beverage industry since 1996 when he founded the nation’s most award-winning distillery brand, Crater Lake Spirits. Jim loves working with Ablis because it gives him the opportunity to support active lifestyles (including his own) by making a product that is health-conscious and mindful. When he is not promoting Ablis he’ll try to sneak in an oceanfront bike ride or a rainforest mountain trail run. He’s currently got his eye on a 10-hour river bouldering hike to a famed blue hole in the center of Kauai for his next big adventure, and Ablis will be with him every step of the way. Favorite Ablis Drink: Berry Lime