The Ultimate Gift Guide For CBD Lovers (and Newbies)


Give relaxation and calm to whoever needs it most with this gift guide for CBD lovers! We all need a little more chill in our lives as the holiday season approaches. So if it’s coming down to the wire and you have yet to check off your shopping list, no stress. There’s something for everyone at Ablis. 

For The Last-Minute Shopper: Cranberry Blood Orange 

Likes: Deals on Christmas socks, rummaging through the bargain bin, not making lists.

The last-minute shopper is a special kind of person. Fueled by the pressure of a looming deadline, pulling off the impossible is in their DNA. Christmas Eve is their Super Bowl. They have plenty of trade secrets they will go to the grave with for how they managed to pull it off, yet again. For them, Christmas shopping is an adrenaline sport, and they like it that way.

Come Christmas morning; they’ll need a pick-me-up stronger than the hot chocolate they were guzzling during midnight gift wrapping. Enter Cranberry Blood Orange CBD drinks. The perfect balance of sweet and crisp will have this procrastinator feeling as fresh as the 8 hours of sleep they did not get. 

For The Ultimate Ski Bum: Ablis Neck Gaiter + Hoodie

Likes: Refreshing the powder forecast hourly, escaping small talk, and bragging rights for the season’s first run. 

There’s always one. It’s Christmas Eve, and they’re obsessively checking their phone for the powder forecast. So keep them bundled on the mountain with a superfly Ablis-branded neck gaiter and hoodie for Christmas. Keep it classy and help them earn style points while flying past all the out-of-towners on the slopes. 

For The Biohacker On Your List: Ablis Muscle Rub

Likes: Cold plunging, biohacking, and a really good dare. 

You know the type: blending fancy health elixirs into their morning coffee. Jumping into frozen lakes in the dead of winter. Pamper the Wim Hof wannabe in your life with Ablis muscle rub

Our muscle rub isn’t only our most popular topical, it’s also THE gift for someone on the move. Formulated with 500 mg of CBD and 23 essential oils, this high-quality rub is equally perfect for the gym or the summit. 

For The New Year’s Eve Party Animal: MCT Oil Squeeze Packs

Likes: Any place with a disco ball, buying the next round, practical jokes. 

Help your party-animal soldier on without the Red Bull. MCT Oil squeeze packs will save the day for the one on your list who’s always down for a good time. 

These single-use packs make a handy stocking stuffer and are meant to dole out to friends on the go, which is perfect for your party-going friend. 

Give them a shot of MCT oil in their morning coffee (especially if they’ve only had a sugar cookie for breakfast). With so much keto-friendly brain energy, they’ll be sure to make it to last call. 

For The Holiday Out-Of-Towner: Lemon Ginger Shooter

Likes: Christmas mugs, sleeping in, helping with the cookie baking.

Traveling during the holidays is already a bit, shall we say, stressful? And it’s not fun when you get to your destination feeling run down. However, the refreshing zing of ginger, lemon, and pure hemp CBD isolate will help give your traveling pal a boost. So slip this in their stocking for a pick-me-up that keeps them fueled for baking their world-famous cinnamon rolls. 

Give The Gift Of CBD To Make The Most Of Your Holidays

Our Ablis annual holiday 20% off sale is still rolling! Stock up on essentials: three for you and one for a friend. At least, that’s how we do the counting. Need some fun CBD cocktail recipes for hosting Apres-Skis? We’ve got you covered with some truly unique, zingy flavors sure to make a CBD fan out of everyone. Now get out there and crush your Christmas list.


The 12 Days of Ablismas Are Back And Bigger Than Ever


Once again, Ablis CBD is rolling out the red carpet for a holiday contest like no other. The 12 Days of Ablismas are back.

What’s Ablismas? 

Ablismas is a contest sponsored by yours truly. We’re Ablis CBD, a Bend-based maker of CBD infusions, concentrates, and topicals. If you’ve never tried CBD, Ablismas is an easy way to get your hands on our products and celebrate stress-free living just in time for the holidays. And since we’re in the giving spirit, we’re doing Ablismas bigger than ever before—almost 50 entrants will score a chance to win up to $12k+ in prizes. And that’s just because we like you. 

The 12 Days of Ablismas Prizes Are Stacking Up

Daily prizes include giveaways from Ablis CBD and partners, with a big finish of THREE GRAND PRIZES courtesy of Santiam SnoLab and Hoodoo Ski Resort. 

Here’s a teaser of this year’s grand prizes:

  • A pair of custom All-Mountain Ablis-branded skis (valued at $800) + 2 All Day Lift Ticket  Hoodoo Ski Passes (valued at $140) 
  • A custom All-Mountain Ablis-branded snowboard (valued at $800) + 2 All Day Lift Ticket Hoodoo Ski Passes (valued at $140) 
  • A pass to Santiam SnoLab to fully customize and design a brand new pair of skis or snowboard (valued at $700-800) + a 5-Day AnyCard Hoodoo Pass (valued at $350)

Score Free Camping Gear, Hoodoo Passes, Winterfest Tickets, And More!

If you thought there were only three chances to win, think again! We’ll be choosing daily winners from December 1-12.  We’ve put together a killer list of adventure-inspired prizes courtesy of Ablis CBD and some of our favorite PNW partners. From bevvie coats and Koozies to Hoodoo passes and camping gear, every prize was hand-picked to support your on-the-go lifestyle.   

The Rules And Stuff 

So, how do you play? You can think of it as the Olympic games of holiday giveaways. Hit this link to find the giveaway. Once you’re there, you’ve got over a dozen one-time and daily actions you can take to rack up entries. Make sure to also follow us on Instagram and Facebook for prize sneak peeks and announcements. 

Here’s what we’ll be giving away to two winners a day:

  •  Ablis Sample Pack [includes a mixed 12-pack of CBD waters, (1) 2oz Rub, (5) Muscle Rub Squeeze Packs, (5) MCT Squeeze Packs, (6) 50 mL shooters].

Two more winners a day will get the above Ablis sampler PLUS a prize from our featured partner of the day. By the end of the 12th day, we’ll have awarded nearly 12k in prizes to almost 50 entrants! 

How Many Times Can I Enter Ablismas Giveaways? 

There are both one-time and daily actions you can use to earn entries. We recommend taking advantage of the one-time entries ASAP and checking back daily to earn extra entries. These daily actions include things like liking our daily Instagram posts and sharing posts and videos that feature your favorite Ablis products. If you complete all of the one-time and daily entries, you can earn 36+ opportunities to win!

Can I Win More Than One Prize?

Yes! We’re randomly selecting winners every day. The more entries you have, the higher your chance of being selected. And even if you’ve won already, we’ll keep you in the running for daily and grand prizes. 

Can I Earn Any Of My Prizes In Cash? 

Nope, it’s just a product giveaway. But we’ve got a haul of stuff, so if you’re into Hoodoo passes and dope gear, you’ll love what you win! 

How Do I Increase My Odds Of Winning?

The more entries you have, the more likely you are to be randomly selected. To maximize your odds of winning, make sure to check all of the one-time entry methods of your list (signing up for our newsletter, following our partners on Instagram, learning more about Ablis) and then check back daily for the entry methods you can do once per day (share an image of yourself with your favorite Ablis product, like our daily Instagram post). 

Merry Ablismas from Ablis CBD, And The Best Of Luck! 

Take your shot to enter to win some incredible free gear and amazing Ablis products from December 1 through the 12th! We support getting you out there to experience the stoke, whether that’s shredding on a new board at Hoodoo, or winter camping with your new gear from Poler and Rovr. So what are you waiting for? Spread the word and help a friend win. All in all, it’s shaping up to be a very good Ablismas indeed.

A nod to our incredible partners who are making this many giveaways possible:  Hoodoo Ski Resort, Puffin Drinkwear, Rovr Coolers, Poler Camp Gear, Hillside Ski and Snowboard, Oregon Winterfest, Cascade Armory, and Crater Lake Spirits. Also, shout out to the designer of our custom boards, Moe Moscatosca! Peep his other design work over here

CBD Education

Reach for This CBD Muscle Rub All Winter Long


When you play hard, sometimes your body takes a beating. But that’s no reason to stop doing the things you love. So whether you’ve leveled up with a new PR at the rock gym this week or you’re out crushing it on the slopes, we supply what you need to keep the stoke alive. Introducing your new best friend: CBD muscle rub. 

Staying in Shape For Winter Sports

Support your body through all the twists and turns of your favorite winter sports and activities with CBD. We know how even the most adventurous of activities can take a toll on our knees, ankles, and more, especially with those old injuries or sore spots. 

Think of this muscle rub as your new adventure companion. It contains calming ingredients that keep you fresh and on your toes for the next big adventure. We love using it on recovery days or after a long day of outdoor play. Relax your discomforts and get back in winter sport shape with CBD muscle rub.

Designed For The Gym Bag or Mid-Mountain: CBD Muscle Rub Squeeze Packs

The unique part about our muscle rub is how it’s packable for adventures! The convenience of a squeezable, single-use pack to stash in your fanny pack, gear bag, or even your pocket speaks for itself. And did we mention it smells fantastic? So bring it to a massage appointment for that extra dose of zen, or snag a set of squeeze packs for your friends to share the love during apres-ski at the lodge. 

CBD Muscle Rub Powered By Botanicals

Our muscle rub is crafted with botanicals including eucalyptus, ginger, grapefruit, black pepper, and other ingredients. This is a far cry from the Icy-Hot you slathered on aches and pains in the old days! It contains 23 essential oils and CBD derived only from hemp, not marijuana. No THC, GMOs, or artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners, so there’s nothing fake about it!  

Aloe vera-based gel ensures your post-workout self-care ritual is smooth and cooling, never sticky. We recommend using it directly after a hot shower post-mountain or as you stretch out on your yoga mat.

Take Extra-Good Care Of Your Body This Winter 

Since falling in the snow one too many times isn’t always a soft landing, consider CBD muscle rub as just another part of keeping your body in top shape this winter. Stay prepared for all of your favorite adventures whether that’s snowshoeing, earning your turns in the backcountry, or hitting the groomed trails. Use this muscle rub as many times as you need to stay outside doing what you love best! 

Stay Stoked on CBD Muscle Rub and Go With Ablis.

Not all CBD muscle rub is made equally. Ours is primed for a take-along adventure and made by athletes, for athletes.  Don’t go adventuring without a plan to take supremely good care of your muscles. Try all our other fun and adventure-worthy products, including MCT oil and CBD shots

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A Guide to Buying the Best CBD Oil Online


With the boom in the popularity of CBD oils online, it can be tricky to find the perfect product. It’s good to know a few basic things that all top-quality CBD oil products have in common. From the labeling to dosage amounts, get to know what you need to confirm your product is legit! To start, here’s the lowdown on the different types of CBD oil so you can easily decide for yourself. 

The 3 Types of CBD Oil 

Full Spectrum

Full-spectrum CBD is easiest to describe as “whole plant.” None of the plant’s components are missing, which usually means the product contains some levels of THC. Usually, these trace amounts measure at around (0.03% or less). 

At Ablis, we offer 100% CBD isolate products, meaning none of our products are full spectrum. But if you are purchasing from another CBD oil provider online, you may need to know what else is in your CBD. 

Broad Spectrum

Broad spectrum is another form of unfiltered CBD. While it has less THC than full-spectrum products, it still has trace amounts (sometimes as low as 0.01%). Broad Spectrum CBD oil has a stronger hemp flavor and still contains other cannabinoids, but THC specifically is targeted and extracted from the product. 

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is CBD in its purest form. The oil is treated with carbon dioxide, followed by a distillation process that guarantees to leave all THC behind. This means the only active ingredient in CBD oil is the CBD itself. No plant essences, terpenes, or other cannabinoids remain. 

Pay Attention to Dosage Amounts When Buying CBD Online

Unfortunately, in the internet age, there are plenty of “CBD” products on the market that don’t hold up. We’d hate for you to get shortchanged of the real thing! That’s why it’s important to check that your product actually includes CBD. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to CBD dosing. What is appropriate for one person may not work for another. That’s why we encourage you to consult your doctor or pharmacist about CBD and what potential benefits or drawbacks it might have for you. 

Look For Third-Party Testing and FDA-Registered Growers

With most CBD products, we recommend buying only products that are batch-tested by third parties to ensure the lack of pesticides, heavy metals, mold, or THC. This will ensure the purity and safety of your CBD oil. It’s also important to look for hemp growers that are registered with the FDA and state and those that follow all regulations accordingly. 

For the Best CBD Oil Online, Here’s How To Get The Good Stuff

At Ablis, we only promise what we can deliver. Our CBD beverages, topicals, and concentrates are never full spectrum. Our products only contain 100% pure hemp CBD isolate and nothing else. And we abide by all state and federal regulations for the processing and sale of CBD. 

For the best CBD oil online, clear dosage amounts on the label, no gimmicky promises, and third-party quality assurance is the best guarantee you’re getting the good stuff. 

For more questions about our CBD isolate or range of products, see our FAQ page for more information. Or shop for CBD oil that’s tested, vetted, and responsibly sourced!


Get a Jump on Winter Sports with CBD for Athletes


When the first snowflake hits the pavement, it gives us the same kinda feeling we get when we score a front row parking spot at the mountain on a busy weekend! Time to earn your turns. Whether you’re a backcountry enthusiast or in for an easy-going groomed trail, have more fun in the snow by taking supremely good care of the basics with CBD for athletes by athletes. 

Mountain Gear Check Featuring MCT Oil Squeeze Packs

You don’t need Mother Nature to remind you that you should always go prepared (she tends to be harsh about it). Instead, consider this a friendly reminder to pack your gear bag with a few extra items. May we suggest an extra beanie or neck gaiter for the frigid temps?

Winter is hard on the body, especially if you have old injuries. Luckily, our MCT Oil squeeze packs were made for the side of the mountain! Move through the winter sports season like a well-oiled machine with this CBD for athletes product. Pack your gear bag with MCT oil for that top-up on self-care when the mountain sends it right back.

Keep It Loose with Muscle Rub: Our Most Popular CBD For Athletes

Our friend Ross swears by our  Muscle Rub (available in a handy 2 oz size for on-the-go) after traversing massive ridgelines, climbing up steep creek banks on his snowmobile, and flying off jumps at 30mph. He takes care of tight knees and sore shoulders with our soothing CBD topical muscle rub, the perfect salve after an all-day mountain sesh. 

Our Muscle Rub packs a punch with 500mg of CBD and 23 essential oils. It’s also available in these fun little squeeze packs for single use, made for the on-the-go, so you don’t miss any part of your adventure! Prevent cracked or dry skin with the moisturizing benefits of organic aloe leaf juice to care for your body exactly as you should.

Get Your Last Run In (Just Don’t Call it) and Apres-Ski with Ablis

Go further with Ablis in your bag and find your flow down the mountain. It’s no secret that taking good care of the basics will help you enjoy the winter sports you love even more. But we’ve got one last suggestion for your CBD essentials winter kit. If Apres-Ski parking lot beers are your thing, skip the hangover with an Ablis CBD Drink in hand. Choose from bold flavors like Cranberry Blood Orange and Zingy Lemon Ginger to keep the mountain high going for as long as possible! 

Get Winter Sport Ready with CBD for Athletes

Winter is full of opportunities for adventures, even in the cold. Shop Ablis CBD and make your recovery days count so you can get back out there and shred. Never slow down is our motto: that’s why we’ve designed our products for on-the-go outdoor conquests and lodge hangs too. Explore pure hemp CBD topicals, oils, and drinks, and stay moving!  


Fall-Inspired CBD Mocktails For Your Health


Here for a good time without the buzz? These CBD mocktails are sure to get you in the spirit for all things change of seasons, regardless if you are a Pumpkin Spice lover or hater (we’ll take a poll later). There’s plenty to love about alcohol-free mixed drinks, regardless of your reason for abstaining. And you already know we have some killer recipes up our sleeves that include your favorite CBD products. But if this is your first time experiencing a CBD mocktail, here’s a little guide to get you up to speed just in time for Sober October. 

Why CBD Mocktails? (or Functails as We Call Them)


If you’re looking for good vibes without the expense of alcohol or the risk of hangovers, CBD mocktails could be the answer. These sippable drinks deliver all the benefits of CBD while enjoying all of your favorite fall festivities. Not to mention, they’re so delicious you won’t even miss the booze. Curated with our favorite fall flavors, these drinks are meant for pulling out at a bar top to impress your sober-curious friends with your showstopping mixology skills. 

CBD Ginger Mule Mocktail with Cardamom Sugar

To all the spicy ginger fans out there—we see you. A sprinkle of cardamom sugar for intrigue, black pepper for sass, and sea salt lends a fun balance of opposites for this spice-forward fall kick-off. Enjoy this at a tailgater and bring more to share (you’ll have guaranteed taste-testers.)



  • 1 TBSP white sugar 
  • Ground cardamom to taste (a little goes a long way)
  • 1 Pinch black pepper
  • 1 Pinch of sea salt


  • Finely chop candied ginger with a knife
  • Combine candied ginger, Ablis Lemon Ginger, and ice in a glass, lightly swirl and set aside
  • Mix a dash of cardamom, a pinch of sea salt, and a pinch of black pepper into the sugar ( or make ahead in a portable container if you’re on the go) 
  • Pour the sugar and spice mixture onto a plate
  • Wet the rim of your glass with a dampened paper towel, and dip it into the sugar mixture
  • Use a filter to strain your ginger concoction as you pour it into the rimmed glass 

CBD Cranberry Sour Mocktail

Cranberry, ice, and everything nice with this remix of an old favorite. This drink favors the sour tanginess of cranberry with a mild vanilla finish. It’s the perfect cool-down transition out of the summer months without even noticing it.


  • 6oz Cran-Blood Orange
  • .5 oz vanilla syrup
  • ½ lime, squeezed
  • Ice (if you wish) 
  • A few frozen cranberries for garnish
  • Twist of orange rind (if you’re feelin’ fancy)


  • Pour the vanilla syrup into your tumbler
  • Add Ablis and lime juice and stir
  • Add ice (we prefer crushed)
  • Float the garnishes on top, transfer the drink into a glass and enjoy!

CBD Strawberry Mint Pimm’s Cup 

If your version of fall is slipping into the season cool as a cucumber, then this is the drink for you! While strawberry is a fruit-forward memory of summer, this twist on a Pimm’s Cup is jumbled with cooling savory garnishes of mint and cucumber, ideal for that final paddle on the river. I mean, it’s still too warm for sweater weather anyway, right?


  • 6oz Ablis Strawberry Mojito
  • 1 cup crushed ice
  • ½ oz lemon juice, freshly squeezed 
  • A few thin slices of cucumber
  • Fresh mint leaves


  • Add a few mint leaves to the bottom of a tumbler and muddle
  • Pour the crushed ice into a tumbler 
  • Add Ablis and give it a light swirl
  • Float a few thin slices of cucumber on top (why not)
  • Transfer the drink into a glass and top it off with another mint sprig!

Let the Good Times Flow with a Functail

No stress if you didn’t find a recipe here that suited your palate! Here at Ablis, we’re all about you doing what makes you happiest. Try experimenting with your own CBD mocktail recipes, or as they are known around here, functails. Your body will thank you for that extra hit of Vitamin C, fresh juice flavor, and Emulsified Hemp CBD concentrate in your glass. If you’re taking some time away from alcohol for your health but don’t want to miss out on the familiar cold-drink feel of your favorite cocktail, consider using our Keto and Paleo-approved MCT Oil concentrate as a base for any of the drinks you enjoy and create your own.

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CBD-Infused Drinks: Your New Summertime Go-To

This summer feels like emerging from an extra-long hibernation—and we plan on taking advantage of it! That means weekend adventures, spontaneous trips, and exploring our outdoor playground as often as we can. But it also means knowing when to take it easy and reset. If you’re adventuring this summer, here’s why you should make CBD-infused drinks your new go-to. 

What Are CBD-Infused Drinks? 

CBD is extremely versatile and can be infused in anything from gummies to beauty products. CBD-infused drinks are simply drinks with, you guessed it, some form of CBD added. At Ablis, we use emulsified hemp CBD in our sparkling drinks and shots. As we’ve discussed in past blogs, this hemp-derived CBD doesn’t contain THC, so it won’t make you high. But we take it a step further by only using CBD isolate, which is nothing but pure, 100% CBD. 

We take testing seriously when it comes to all of our CBD products, including our refreshing CBD-infused drinks. We start by sourcing from credible and licensed hemp processors who are as local as possible. Then, we send our CBD to third-party labs (with state licensing and national accreditation) for purity and pesticide testing. And if they don’t meet our standards, they don’t make it into your hands. Period. 

From there, we can get to creating our CBD products, including the fan-favorite beverages that pack a punch of flavor and potency. And we don’t know about you, but the knowledge that our drinks (and all our products) are safe to consume makes them all the sweeter. 

Our Favorite Ways to Add CBD Infusions Into Your Routine 

We always say that summer is the perfect time to try new things. So the next time you’re headed out to the river or the trail, consider taking our CBD infusions along for the ride. 

If you need some inspiration, try… 

…A pack of Cranberry Blood Orange on your next camping trip. 

Ablis Cranberry Blood Orange naturally infused sparkling beverages are sure to zing up your camping trip. The blend of classic and bold flavors is our most popular for a reason—and its zingy hit is offset by the 25mg of emulsified hemp CBD. 

We love to take this particular flavor for those in-between moments like sitting by the lake after a day of kayaking or while grilling up hotdogs or roasting marshmallows. If this flavor doesn’t quite grab you, our other bold sparkling beverages include Strawberry Mojito and Lemon Ginger

…Throwing a Strawberry Mojito Shot in your backpack before a hike or bike ride. 

Ablis shooters are perfect for anyone on the go. They’re a no-fuss, give-it-to-me straight alternative to slowly sipping on CBD-infused drinks—which is why we love them for a day of adventuring. If you’re planning to hit the trails this summer, we recommend the Strawberry Mojito Shot, which tastes like summer vacation in a bottle and delivers 10mg of pure hemp CBD. 

This particular flavor is one of our most popular—especially in the summertime—but we also carry Cranberry Blood Orange and Lemon Ginger if those are more your style. Our shooters are sold in packs, so you can share the fun with friends or pick an adventure for each one this summer. 

…Or sipping on a refreshing Lemon Water at a BBQ with friends. 

Our naturally infused sparkling waters contain the same amount of CBD (25mg) as our bold flavors, but without the added calories. Naturally sugar-free, bright lemon is the star of our Lemon Water beverage and, we think, perfect for lazy summer days. 

These low-calorie alternatives come in Berry Lime Water and Blood Orange Water as well, so you can’t really go wrong. If you want to really spice things up for a summer BBQ, try using these CBD-infused drinks in functails or cocktails.     

Shop Ablis CBD-Infused Drinks and More 

With exciting flavor combinations, refreshing finishes, and trusted sourcing, there’s really no way to go wrong with our CBD-infused drinks. And now that the summer months are once again changing the landscape of our outdoor playgrounds, we know these options make the perfect mid-morning break or after adventure finish. Explore all our CBD products or try a sample pack to make the most of those delicious summer moments. 


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How Ablis Gives Back To Help The Planet (And How You Can Help Too)

If you’ve been following us for a while, you might have noticed we’re kind of into the whole nature thing. In fact, Ablis got its start on the trails, slopes, and rock faces right here in Central Oregon. But the outdoors aren’t just our playground. Here at Ablis, we’re excited to share a company culture that’s built around being stewards of the earth and protecting our wild spaces. 

We’re dedicated to being a leave-no-trace, environmentally friendly, pack-it-in/pack-it-out kind of place. And to celebrate Earth Day 2022, we’re teaming up with the Conservation Alliance to help give back to the planet.

Our Partnership With The Conservation Alliance

Ablis first joined The Conservation Alliance (TCA) in 2021 as part of our commitment to protecting the natural spaces that make life more of an adventure. TCA is an incredible organization on a mission to fund and advocate for the protection of North America’s wild places. We love their vision of a planet where wild places, wildlife, and people thrive together.

As TCA members, we get to put our money where our mouth is and help where we can. Plus, it’s an awesome opportunity to connect with like-minded companies that genuinely want to make a difference. Together, we’re helping fund the essential work of grassroots environmental organizations. 

Help Us Give Back This Earth Day 2022

Want to stock up on your favorite CBD products and help us make the world a better place? For Earth Week (April 17-23) we’re donating 5% of revenue from website sales to our friends over at The Conservation Alliance. Whether you make a purchase that helps us give back or want to donate directly, this is one direct way that you can help us protect wild places for #OurWildFuture this Earth Day 2022. 

Learn more about The Conservation Alliance or donate now

Other Ways We’re Helping the Planet

Of course, we know it takes more than one day a year to make a real difference, especially when it comes to conservation. That’s why we work every day of the year to make the world a better place. When you choose Ablis for your favorite CBD infusions, you’re supporting a company that: 

Believes in paid volunteer days. We need healthy, happy people to have a healthy, happy planet. And there’s nothing quite like volunteering to give both mind and body a major boost. So we support our team’s ability to give back to the community through paid volunteer days.  

Prioritizes recyclable materials. From the vendors we partner with to the materials that go into our packaging, recyclability is always our highest priority. Our aluminum cans and kegs are almost infinitely recyclable. In fact, according to Keep America Beautiful, “In as few as 60 days, the aluminum can that contains your favorite beverage may have been manufactured, filled, sold, recycled, and remanufactured.”

Has partners that value sustainability. You can tell a lot about somebody by the company they keep. And the same is true for, well, actual companies. Both Ablis CBD and Crater Lake Spirits, founded by Jim Bendis, share the same spirit of sustainability. The bulk of our production comes from Crater Lake Spirit’s resource-efficient facilities. From closed-loop cooling systems that conserve water to energy-efficient buildings and sustainable ingredient farming practices, they’re all in on protecting resources. 

Giving Back On Earth Day 2022 (and Beyond)

As a team of bikers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts, it just makes sense that we’re committed to keeping our wild places beautiful for generations to come. With our partnerships, packaging, and policies, we’re dedicated to making the world a better place. Don’t forget to help us out this Earth Day! Shop now or donate to our fundraising campaign.


Professional Snowmobiler Ross Robinson Talks CBD For Athletes

CBD For Athletes Like Ross Robinson 

Ross Robinson grew up snowmobiling. He doesn’t remember his first time on a snowmobile, but getting out on the snow at a young age sparked a passion in Ross that continues to this day. As a professional athlete and Ablis fan, Ross also knows the benefit of CBD for athletes. 

“I used to ride double in front of my dad when I was really young,” he said, “but I didn’t really get hooked on it until I was a teenager and was big enough to ride my own snowmobile.” 

When Ross entered his teens, it was “game on,” he says. Now he’s in his mid-20s and is an established professional snowmobiler and content creator. He often works with companies like Lynx Snowmobiles to create content for his followers (on YouTube, he has 19k followers; on Instagram, his follower count is almost 57k).

“I’ve really enjoyed creating fun and engaging content for my followers,” Ross said. “That’s where my focus will be for the foreseeable future, both in and out of the snowmobile world.” 

Ross highlights fellow snowmobilers in “509 Sled Update,” a YouTube show that showcases insane clips of professionals snowmobiling (also known as sledding). Most of Ross’s content revolves around snowmobiling, but he hopes to branch out into other similar sports. 

Taking His Skills Off The Slopes

As an opportunity hunter, you never know where he might go once something seizes his interest—just as he’s done with his snowmobiling career. 

After learning the ropes from his father and traversing the slopes on his own as a teen, Ross took his snowmobiling to the next level and spent six seasons working at Burandt’s Backcountry Adventure (BBA). This, he says, was “really the springboard for a lot of opportunities in my career.” 

He began working at BBA as a support guide, then spent time running his own groups as a lead guide. During his last few seasons working at Burandt’s, Ross managed the brand’s media alongside his guide duties. Unfortunately, the time commitment of being a lead guide kept him from his other passion: hitting the slopes on a snowmobile wherever, whenever. 

Ross posted a video on his YouTube channel sharing the ins and outs of his choice to leave BBA for new opportunities, but ultimately, he chose to combine his media experience with his love for snowmobiling to embark on a new career path: working for himself, creating really cool content. 

“My biggest accomplishment [to date] is being at a point where I can put together cool projects and make them happen, usually while getting paid in the process,” Ross said. “That’s what I hope to continue to do for years to come.” 

During his snowmobiling career thus far, Ross has explored multiple places across North America, along with excursions overseas to Sweden and Chile. Chile was especially unique, he says, because of the culture and the time of year—While it was 100 degrees at home, he was riding in fresh snow, discovering new zones. 

CBD For Athletes Helps To Reset

Now, Ross stays busy creating content, sharing highlights from the snowmobiling world, and dropping bits of knowledge about all things sledding. He even has a podcast in the works. Each morning, he says, he kicks off the day with something that puts him in the right mindset: Ablis CBD & MCT in his coffee.  

“The variety of products Ablis has is a big win for me,” Ross said. “Whenever I need a refresh, I’ll enjoy an infused sparkling water, and then I’ll use some muscle rub after a session at the gym or a day in the mountains.” Ross is a perfect example of CBD for athletes used to both renew and recover. 

When he’s not out on the snow, Ross takes time to watch actions sports (usually to gain future project inspiration and to plan future adventures), catching up with friends, and occasionally grabbing the Xbox controller to remind everyone that he still can “dominate on the sticks” like back in his teenage days. 

Of course, Ross is still dominating it on the slopes like he did when he was a teen, too. Out there in the mountains, it’s just “myself, my sled, and endless terrain,” he said. That’s really part of the appeal. 

“[Snowmobilers] have the freedom to go wherever our skills can take us, traversing massive ridgelines, climbing up steep and dark creek bottoms,” Ross said. “The exploration is endless, and it’s exploration at 30 miles per hour while flying and jumping off everything imaginable.”  

See Ross Robinson in action on his Instagram or YouTube


Ablis CBD For Sports Performance With Pro Biker Kyle Jameson

CBD For Sports Performance? Kyle Jameson Thinks So

Professional mountain biker and business owner Kyle Jameson is no stranger to pushing his limits. “My first ride was in 1998,” he says, “The feeling of flying through the trees was an overwhelming feeling of happiness.” He’s chased this feeling his entire career while overcoming injuries and obstacles. And when he needs support, he uses Ablis CBD for sports performance and recovery. 

His first mountain bike ride happened in 5th grade, while Kyle was  living in California. Now, he’s 32 and has since turned his childhood passion into a full-blown career. 

Kyle is one of the mountain biking scene’s most notable bikers and filmmakers. He’s not only competed in the Red Bull Rampage (where he qualified twice) but he’s also traveled the globe to film bike riding and has hosted successful events for biking enthusiasts like himself. 

Beyond The Trails

During an interview with Outside TV in 2011, Kyle mentioned that he liked “to make [his] own way down the mountain,” which he’s done in both mountain biking and his own business. 

He owns an excavation and trail building company, where he’s been building trails for over ten years. Once he learned how to find his own flow down different mountains, he chose to share his skills—and love of the sport—by uncovering the best mountain biking routes and building out parts of the trail system where it’s needed.

“I figured that it was time to grow up and start my own business,” said Kyle with a laugh. “I wasn’t interested in all the traveling that trail building had in store, so I felt the need to branch out and do general excavation.” 

Kyle also says that excavating trails gives him and his team the ability to pick and choose their mountain bike builds. They have several new builds on the horizon, for which Kyle is grateful. 

Many hours in his week are focused on his business, but Kyle also makes sure he saves time for things that give life its fun and flavor: mountain biking and spending time with his family. 

Along with being a business owner and a pro mountain biker, Kyle is also a new dad. His daughter may not know it yet, but it’s only a matter of time before he introduces her to the sport he’s loved since that first bike ride in 1998. 

“The feeling of flying through the forest on two wheels will never get old,” said Kyle. 

An Ablis Partnership: Using CBD For Sports Performance and Recovery

The 32-year-old dad is still shredding down mountains—and recently partnered with Ablis CBD to create a one-of-a-kind helmet.  

Kyle is a long-time Ablis fan and has used CBD for sports performance and recovery for years. “I love all the products Ablis has,” he said. “The company is run by riders for riders. I’m a big fan and believe that the team at Ablis knows how to produce a great product.” 

Not only will the Ablis CBD helmet keep Kyle looking cool, but it will also keep him safe from any unexpected injuries. In the past, he’s experienced a heart-pounding moment where the words “you’ll never bike again” rang in his ears. 

Despite the doctor’s grim verdict after Kyle broke his wrist while riding his bike, he “willed [his] way back.” Hearing that his dream was over didn’t stop him from setting a goal and working to achieve it. 

Right now, Kyle’s using the same mentality to work through an ACL tear that forced him to set down his bike for about six months. As he returns to two wheels, Kyle says he won’t let this injury dissuade him. He’s going to continue pushing forward in recovery until he can hit up his favorite trail in Bend again. 

Give it a few months, then keep an eye out for a blur flying down Tyler’s Traverse in an Ablis CBD helmet. It’s probably Kyle Jameson.

Keep up with Kyle by following him on Instagram — @kylekjameson.